Felix  Mumo & Co |	Certified Public Accountants (Kenya)

We do Audits for businesses with a lot of consideration on quality expected of us. A proper audit should be cost-effective, highlight significant weakness in the system or area of accounting, report on the degree of compliance with the laws, verify that the firm is economical with its resources and efficient in its operations, result in an opinion on whether the financial statements, give a true view of the organisations affairs as shown in the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the period under review and in this area our work involves internal audits and grant audits.

 Internal audits are done to ensure that the internal system in good working order, and to assure management that operations and records are accurate, not distorted by error or deliberately. Internal audits are catalysts for creating value for your business by increasing effectiveness, eliminating duplication and identifying areas of potential performance improvement. We offer flexible sophisticated solutions to the specific needs of your business, It also creates a good image with the government, customers, stakeholders and regulatory agencies
 Our audit services include:

•    We offer a range of internal audit performance improvement services including technology, risk assessment, training, quality assurance reviews, benchmarking.
•    We offer flexible outsourcing for your internal audit functions
•    We offer advice on regulatory and governance related services

Statutory audits are carried out to enhance credibility of the firm by ensuring compliance with provisions of the law. The laws of Kenya require external reporting of such audits. Also required by banks and lenders, Kenya Revenue Authority ( for VAT, Income tax and customs).

We place a lot of emphasis on the quality of service we provide to our clients, we ensure staff that work on each assignment are highly competent. Our company’s audit approach is designed to improve our client’s business operations. Our approach is also designed to change in accordance with our clients needs. Our audits always involve careful planning and review of systems, testing of financial statements and effective communication with the management to ensure quality in the results.